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Why would someone want to sign up to be rated?

Guests are rewarded for positive behavior with discounts, perks, and a growing rewards redemption program. Your hotel stay preferences will be shared with numerous brands attached to The Reg Card™ portfolio so you are not “stuck” to one hotel chain and will be available to earn status rewards at any hotel applicable.

If I do not agree with my rating received, how can I dispute it?

You are able to dispute your rating by submitting a “Review Rating Dispute”. Your submission will be reviewed by The Reg Card™. The delivering rated property will be notified of your dispute and will be required to submit further feedback for resolution. Subject to review, you will be notified should your rating be removed or remain on your profile.

Will anyone be able to look up my rating?

No. Your rating can only be viewed by the hotel or resort in which you have current hotel reservations booked with.

Why would hotels want to know about me?

A hotels goal is for a guest to feel as if they are home away from home. When guest preferences are provided, the hotel will have your requests upon arrival. Based on availability, it allows the opportunity for a hotel to not only meet the needs of their customer, but anticipate and accommodate beyond expectations.

How can I improve my rating?

We get it, things happen. Should you receive a low rating from a recent stay, you have the option to buy back points to make it right or strive for a positive experience at another hotel stay.

Can I rate the hotel that I recently stayed at?

Yes! You are able to rate the hotel you recently stayed at. You had a great experience? Let them know! You had a bad experience? Let them know!

Can I look up my rating anytime?

Yes! Your current rating and previous scores can be reviewed anytime on your Guest Platform page. Once a rating is received, your score will be updated within 24 hours.

What goes into rating a guest?

Providing a thoughtful rating for the guest helps everyone get the most from The Reg Card™ program. Some hotels and resorts consider these 3 things when rating a guest:


  1. Courtesy: Treating the staff and those around your surrounding areas with respect and consideration.
  2. Safety & Security: Behaving in a safe manner throughout the entire stay.
  3. Acknowledgement: Understanding and abiding by the hotels given policies in place.